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Failing Aaron Swartz

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:29 am
by BeerCur
How the Legal System Failed Aaron Swartz - And Us

We have a want to punish those we do not understand. We have a want to punish those that deify society's conventions. And far to often we punish those weaker than the legal system that meet the previous two criteria. We see it around the world, time and time again. It is the reason why our country's framers thought we needed a Bill of Rights and Constitution. Brilliant as it may been when it was written over 200 years ago some aspects do not convey to today's reality (tech).

Those who love rights as free people do not rely on the state to enforce their beliefs, because courts and public opinion is almost always behind the curve. They act on their belief.

Swartz's act is not to be glorified, as it has been by some media, but instead it should be viewed as a condemnation of us.