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Postby BeerCur on Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:29 am

Wrote this a couple months ago

The dull rainbow hue of autumn is starting to lick the leaves of southern Pennsylvania. This happens to be my favorite season. The nights are cool and the mid-days do not get much over 80 during the "hot" days. The delicious air when I have my morning jo and cig awash me with splendor. Though I know it is sign-post of my least favorite season... winter. This is when the temperatures hover between freezing and not and roads with their potential slick surfaces welcoming accidents into its cruel embrace and the traffic it ensnares. Such images are doused by opening a window and letting in the fresh air that we bunker ourselves against for most of the year. As the daylight dwindles and the delights of fall ending well before the winter solstice, I still look forward to this season and the rebirth in spring it leads to.
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