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Limitations and Imperfection

Postby BeerCur on Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:10 am

Was reading a Wired interview with Jack Dorset, :good: His full-time job is "CEO and unofficial chief design officer of Square-one of the Valley's hottest startups, which recently sought a valuation of $4 billion - he also serves as executive chair of Twitter". He also is annotated by some as inheritor of Steve Jobs legacy. The thing that made me stop reading though
Dorsey has lots to say about wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept that beauty can be found in imperfection and impermanence. It's a complicated idea, involving not just art but philosophy as well.

and it made me think back to an article...
What are your limitations as a musician?

I've got nothing but limitations! I mean, I'm limited by everything. I'm limited by my technique. I'm limited by my background. I'm limited by my education. I'm limited by the things I've heard. I'm limited by all that stuff. I'm limited by being a human being. Yeah. I think in a way that a musician - and particularly a musician with a distinctive style - is, in fact, a product of their limitations. What you're hearing is their limitations, really. I assume that almost everybody plays at the outside edge of their ability, so that's usually what you're hearing - as good as they can do.
~Jerry Garcia Interview

Eric Clapton could play any style perfectly but he always had to mimick something because he never hit that wall that said "No" you can't do that, better try something else or use trickery to kinda get it... aka innovation.

I thought of the following while sitting there...

Twitter (obviously) - "enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters" ~Wiki.
Limit: 140 characters message.
Benefit: Verbose is not allow. Get to the heart of your message and the mass might read it.

Mouse - "A mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface" ~Wiki
Limit: No Typing and lack of command line control (like DOS).
Benefit: Click Icons to perform system functions quickly and more intuitively.

IPAD / Android tablets - "Primarily a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, apps and web content" ~Wiki
Limit: A computer that lacks a Keyboard and CPU cycles to do intensive tasks.
Benefit: It does what it does well (RISC optimized)... the lack of a keyboard has introduced touch screen and side buttons to replace the "keyboard" computer for common task. You can hold it in one hand, and battery life is exponentially longer than a "real" computer.

If we are open to different ways of thinking, limits are our friend, as it probably will lead to innovation...
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